Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We can almost see the finish line!

Tristan and I were able to go down to the house yesterday afternoon and WOW we could not believe how much was done in 3 days, Ok so we now have the Garage door on ( couldn't get a pick because the door was up and we couldn't work out how to put it down), plumbing including toilets, taps, sinks complete, heater ducts in, and another brick clean, makes me wonder why we are going to be waiting till the start of October for handover. Not much left now, Driveway, carpet, mirrors, shower screens, electrical appliances, and the obvious house cleans :) I'm a very happy girl today. Dean also rang me this morning just to go through a few things that we want fixed and give me some dates......

House Clean - 05.09.11
Carpet - 07.09.11
Driveway - 22.09.11
All electrical appliances to go in on the day of handover
I think maybe its time to start getting things like our home and contents insurance organised.

And yes i was able to get some pic's, loving that we are having alot more sunlight in the afternoons now cant wait to get in side, we are going to have a walk through with Dean next week or the week after :)

Mirrored doors

Heater ducts

And Again

We have Light :)

Kitchen tap

Bath, taps, and shower head


Garage Door

Ensuit Vanity with sinks and Taps (and some bricks too ;) )

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tilling Complete

Sorry for the lack of posts guys its been a really busy couple of weeks and now that we are locked out its really hard to see what has happened on the inside.
Late yesterday afternoon we were able to go down and have look at the progress from the past week, seems tilling has been fully complete, electrical fit off complete, fly screens and door handles ect all been completed as well. So there doesn't seem like a huge list of things left just, garage door, carpet, electrical appliances,drive way, bathtub/shower screens, heater ducts and glass splash back. We spoke to Dean (SS) Friday night and he is going to sit down and work out an approximate Handover date, but he thinks the end of September start of October, with the last thing that has been booked in to be done is the driveway the 22nd September, Arrrrg its all becoming very exciting now, looks like about 6 weeks, if everything goes to plan.
I couldn't get many pic's as they are all been taken through the windows, but here are some....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tilling has began!!!

Since last week we have had painting finished, caesarstone installed, bricks cleaned, TV antenna going up today, and also tilling start today (yay, the progress just doesn't stop)
I received a call from Dean (SS) this morning asking me if i could out to the house straight away as the tilers were on site and about to start and they wanted to clarify with me the exact way we wanted the tilling set out, considering i had just arrived at work after to days off sick, i was a bit hesitant but I'm very lucky that i have a great boss, so off I went and Tristan was also close by so he meet me there, best to have both of us there so we can make these decisions together :) anyway they were very lovely guys, they were a little worried about "Beaumont Tiles" instructions and offered there opinion in setting out the feature in the both showers, which we were happy with, seems Beaumont didn't write in properly and it would have been to many small cuts in our big tiles, and also the splash back on the laundry bench top, is meant to stand at 200ml by metricon standards but because our wall tiles are 300ml they offered for them to be whole 300ml which we are much more happy with, Tristan and I then had a quick look at all the progress as we haven't been able to get inside of the house in a couple of weeks, then off back to work.. Silly us did not think to take any pictures.... Sorry guys, tiles should be finished by the end of next week so hopefully we will get some more then!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Painting progress

Our Avenue friends let us know that more progress had happened this week so we went and had a look yesterday afternoon and got some pic's to share, loving our our stained front windows, cant wait for the garage door(cobar in colour) to go in so we can get a good idea of the finished product, we will be doing off white render after handover on the front of the house..... here you go guys :)