Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Independent Inspection please!!

Arrgg what a past week it has been... Sorry guys a bit of a rant ahead...

Tristan and I have chosen to have an independent Inspection done before our plaster goes up, We only decided this Monday night and considering the plaster is meant to start next Monday we are cutting it fine. The reason we have decided to do this is because on Sunday when we spent approx 3 hours at the house (putting the chip board in) there were little things that we picked up that we were not 100% sure about, and Tristan can only check the carpentry side of things, and considering we have had our insulation installed theres alot of things that we just don't understand enough to be able to check, but the thing that really set us off is the back external garage door, Last Thursday Tristan meet our lock up carpenter which i mentioned in my last post, anyway while there he pointed out that the brick layers had started the bricks next to the back external door but the door was out of level therefore the bricks had been layed out of level and now that he had fixed it, it left quiet a big gap between the brick and the door, the lockup carpenter gave this message to our SS who supposedly told the brickie to pull down the wall and start again, but to our surprise Monday when Tristan dropped by the house they had just keeped going and now had just pushed the door frame back to where it was in the first place (out of level) and bricked down the other side leaving us with the external door frame on an angle ,basically and the top of the door is hard up to the door frame and the bottom is about 10mm out. So Monday night we decided that paying for an independent inspector was going to be worth the money just to ease our minds. After speaking to our SS yesterday morning he said that he told them to pull the brick down and he was on he's way out there to have a look him slef, i also informed him that we were going to have and independent inspection done, hmmmmm he did not seem to like this at all and went on to inform me that the plaster is being delivered Friday and will be going up Monday, and he will not be stopping that, also that if there are problems and he only has a day to fix them that isn't long enough and that will hold progress up (glad that he seems so sure there ARE going to be problems :/... ) i said to him we know its late notice but we think its something we need  to do and we will try and have it done asap, lucky i was able organised for New home Inspections to come out today at 2:30pm (thanks Deb i found him from your blog) and they are going to give me the report tomorrow morning so they have a few days to fix what ever it is that needs to be fixed. So when i rang Dean back to let him know they were able to do it tomorrow, he said fine but please get them to call me before going on to site, he also tried to spin me something about the back external door being certain brick width and that they would have to out Quad in to fix it, i told Tristan this and said the bricks would have been fine at any width as long as they were done at level in the first place and using Quad is just a band aid for the problem but would not fix it... So i guess all we have to do is wait for the independent inspection to come back tomorrow and we will find out.... I will keep you posted :) Fingers cross for a good result!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Roll on... Roll on...

We are on a roll this week at the house, there has been lots of movement. We have had our roof tiles complete, rails from the roof taken down, been wrapped in blueness, more sand delivered, bricks delivered, plumbing rough-in, heater ducts in , solar panel on, bricks started, our lock-up carpenter prep walls and ceilings for the plaster to start and put our internal garage door in and our cavity slider for the ensuite... ummm i think that's it, Wow that's alot isn't it..... We are very happy atm.
Tristan went there yesterday afternoon to capture some pictures for me, and when he arrived the lock-up Carpenter was there and he told Tristan that our house had good framers (which Tristan already thought) and when Tristan came home he was very happy with the lock-up he said he also had great work...

This weekend Tristan will go in and put chip board up in the frame so hanging our tv's and what not will be much easier, our SS is happy for him to do it :)
I think next week will see the completion of our bricks (cant wait to see the front feature wall done in our dark brick) and maybe plaster start :)

Left side wall

Right side wall

Back Right

Back wall

Left wall almost complete

Heater ducts in

Cavity slider in

Internal garage door

Laundry plumbing

Bathroom plumbing

Ensuite plumbing

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tiles are going up!!

Our tiles were delivered last Friday, and the roof tilers were on site on Tuesday after the long weekend starting on the house, Tuesday they spent putting the battens up and yesterday they started on the tiles and got about halfway, we are excepting them to be nearly complete this afternoon when we arrive at the house, as we are having a site meeting with the SS, so Tristan can meet him and go through a couple of things with him.

Here are some pic of the tiles in progress...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Frame = Complete and Gutter/Fascia = Complete

This week has seen our Frame work complete on Monday 6th, it took 8 days to complete including 1 Saturday, very happy with that, and Tristan is happy with the frame, there are a couple of things that need to be fixed (little things) and one part of the slab which is slightly out where the concrete over hangs were it shouldn't be in the garage, that has to be fixed but all in all just happy!!
Also when we arrived last night our gutter and fascia had been completed, this is the first colour choice of ours that we have really seen other then our doors/windows, so its a bit exciting!!
Spoke to our SS this morning and organised a meeting there with him next Thursday, i also let him know that we noticed last night our front door window has a crack right through the middle, but he said he already new and it was going to be fixed!! More exciting news, he let me know that our Roof tilling is going to start tomorrow :)

Here are some pics of our windows in the frame ect, we weren't able to get any pics of the gutter/fascia was to dark.....

Front timber bedroom Windows

Garage external Door (only door in the house that is a normal size door, we forgot all about this one opps)

Entrance to hallway

Bedroom windows from the inside

Front feature and timber windows from inside bedroom

Front door 2340x920

Kitchen timber bi-parts

Lounge timber bi-parts

Laundry Slider

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Framing almost complete!!

Our Frame has been flying along this week, Tristan has gone to the block/house everyday checking up on it, this is his forte, and he thinks they have done a good job to, so that's very reassuring as he is such a perfectionist in his work :) Tomorrow should see the completion of our frame with only a couple of windows/doors left to go up and a bit of the roof to be finished!!

Here are some pic's guys, enjoy :)

Sorry about the over load of pics i got a lil excited :)