Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yesterday Tristan and I had our colour apt at 9am and Electrical at 2pm, its was a busy day but not as bad or as stressful as i thought it would be, Tristan and I didn't really have any big disagreements that we weren't easily able to compromise on, i think we both had very similar ideas.
I have some pics.......... I don't know if i can remember all the colours names so bare with me!!


Top: Roof tile (Cat 1).  
Bottom left brick: feature brick (Cat 8 Graffite, this brick has a slight shine to it. )
Middle Brick: House Colour Parchment (Cat 2)  
Bottom Left Corner: Timber look garage (Upgrade)
Colour swatch's in the middle: Gutter (black) and Fascia (Cream)
We are also having our front windows in Timber same colour as the garage door (Upgrade) 
Bottom middle: Black windows aluminum to the rest of the house.
(Ignore the tile on the right hand side, it was an option that we are not going with anymore)


Caesar stone Underneath: (Cat 1, Osprey )    
 Left: stainless steel look kick boards       
 Middle: Ebony Macassar Laminate ( cabinets under island and underneath  overheads)     
Right: White Gloss (upgrade for overhead cardboard's)


Middle: Ensuit and bathroom vanities both Ebony Macassar in Gloss (Upgrade) (If any of you have been to the Avenue Metricon display Talbot, we have used the same in the Kitchen and Bathrooms as they did as we loved it!


Top: Laundry bench top, Diamond gloss finish Laminex in pure mineral stone (upgrade)    
Bottom: Laundry cabinets Laminate same as kitchen

Other Studio M Upgrades:
Carpet (Cat2) Light Brown (looks grey Tho)
Bi-parting doors in kitchen and family area upgrade to Stained timber
Glazing to bathroom and toilet windows
Mirrored doors in both bed 1 and 2
Tiled kick rails in bathrooms
Locks on ensuite, bathroom and toilet doors
Upgrade to colour stamped drive way in blue stone and charcoal
92mm x 12mm square architraves

Electrical Upgrades ( I don't have the list in front of me)
2 Outdoor double power points
2 extra Tv points
3 x 2 way switches
5 Outside Junction boxes
( I think that might have been it)

All in all we had a good day, we slightly went over our budget but not by much!! We also have our tile apt next Saturday hmmmm.. hope its not too pricey does anyone have any idea if there is a Cat 1 600x600 white tile and if not how much to upgrade there tiles approx cost them??


Jay said...

Nearly everything in the tile range that you will want is an upgrade as all the Cat 1 tiles we found were ugly.

Tash said...

Ohhh i thought that might be the case Jay!!! Pretty much eveything eles was an upgrade in the house so why not make the tiles as well, we want a feature tile in the shower also, Did you upgrade your tiles Jay?? Was it very pricey??

Reinsey said...

Great job Tash. Also a huge fan of the Talbot display in our estate. They dress their houses better than anyone else. I think your exterior colours will look fantastic together too.

Janine Kimberley said...

Love the way you chose all your colours in one hit, I haven't even thought about it yet, expect it to be difficult, so am not thinking about it until I really have to. Well done neighbour.

Tash said...

Thanks everyone, now lets just hope it looks as good when its done as i imagined it to look :)

vi-jay said...

Amazing how similar your taste in colour to ours. Check out my blog.

Tash said...

Vi-jay it is amazing how similar it is, its almost like looking at what our build will be like :)I must say you have great taste ;)

vi-jay said...

Thanks Tash, I'm excited for you.