Monday, October 25, 2010

Contract Signing today!!!

Tristan and I went off to Metricon Head office today for our contract signing with Kate, it took us 3 hours in totally as this was our very last chance to change anything structural, and we did, adding a couple of cavity sliders to the house one in ensuit etc, also moving a couple of down pipes and we also decided that we were going to have the front windows of our house done in timber as we like the finish look of them (our garage is also going to be a timber look finish), other then that, most of the other things were small little changes, we already have such a big list of upgrades and we haven't even had our Studio M apt or our electrical, were hoping that we have covered most of it already before we get in there :/ !!
We also made our fortnightly trip down to the estate last Saturday afternoon, the roads in Chantenay look like they are nearly finished and alot of the cross overs have been done, We also were early enough to go have a look through the metricon displays that have opened, it was nice to see our facade, although ours obviously wont be exactly the same it was nice to have an idea what it would look like.(As the Belize does not have a display home). Also we are going to try and go down to see the tiles before we have our Studio M and electrical on the 11 of Nov!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kate our CSC

I had a call late Friday afternoon from Kate at Metricon introducing herself as she will be our CSC, we made all of our appts Contract signing, M studio, Electrical and Tiles, which is all booked in to be done by the 20th of November. First of which will be our contract signing on the 26th October!!

We didn't get a chance to go down to the estate this weekend, so were hoping next weekend when we go down that we might have the road done!!

We have also been informed by the forum that there are no phone lines and Internet in our estate which is a bit of a worry, so glad i found the forum very helpful as no one else has informed us about these problems, but i cant help to wonder how exactly Linda has a land line out the front and how the display homes will have phones as well!! I really hope that we can get this fixed before we move in!!

I do have some photos on my camera from last weekend that i will try and upload this week when i get a chance of what we believe is going to be our block of land!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Building the Belize with Metricon

Ok, so i have been looking through a lot of blogs recently since we started this whole process, so i thought i would start my own! My partner and I are building the belize with Metricon, in the Avenue, at this stage we have put our deposit down and we are waiting for a our land to title which is meant to be in December, we are also waiting on Metricon to ring so we can have our M Studios appt and what not!
Last weekend we went down to the Avenue where we found they have started to do our roads, this very exciting as we have not even been able to stand on our land as we cant get there in the car but when we go down this weekend we plan on getting out and going for a walk , i will try and get some pics!!