Monday, December 20, 2010

Little by little

Not much to report back on!! We went down to the block last weekend and we now have a footpath and a crossover :) Very exciting to see something to define where our block is! Stage 12 (first half) just missed out on getting our land title because of the Christmas break, but we are planned to settle before the end of January now, hoping this will mean a Feb site start!! I can not believe how quickly Christmas has come around, this year has flown by :) 
Merry Christmas and Happy and Safe New year to everyone!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


We went back into Beaumont tiles today and had another apt as we have decided to go through metricon for our tiles (just easier in  the end). We had a different lady today her name was Tracey and she was amazing, very helpful and thorough. We picked the same tiles as last time but just modified them, so it was less expensive, all in all we had a better experience compared to the last time and left quite happy! 

We also made a trip out to the Avenue today and found that we had Street signs and the roads are finished!!!