Friday, December 3, 2010


We went back into Beaumont tiles today and had another apt as we have decided to go through metricon for our tiles (just easier in  the end). We had a different lady today her name was Tracey and she was amazing, very helpful and thorough. We picked the same tiles as last time but just modified them, so it was less expensive, all in all we had a better experience compared to the last time and left quite happy! 

We also made a trip out to the Avenue today and found that we had Street signs and the roads are finished!!!


Tonia said...

Glad your experience was better than before! So what tiles did you end up choosing? Do you have any pics? We have to choose our tiles from Di hopefully our experience will be a good one! :)

Reinsey said...

Great news Tash! Glad you had a better experience.
Did the email come through alright??

Janine Kimberley said...

It's getting close now guys when have you been told your settlement date is?

Tash said...

Thanks Tonia we ended up getting the super white 600x600 tile through out the house on the floor, 300x600 on the walls and just a feature in the shower in gold foil glass down one side of both showers, still quite exspensive but we are very happy with the choices :)

Reinsey, i did recieve it, thank you very much for all the information, hopefully thanks to you we may dodge a delay :)

Janine we have not been told an exact settlement date yet, we were ment to be settling this month but im not sure, fingers crossed, but if we do settle in January i wont be to disapointed!!

Tonia said...

Sounds beautiful! Looking forward to seeing pics :)