Sunday, July 31, 2011

A fresh coat of paint!!

Hey Guys, more progress at the house last week, the house is flying towards completion.. to tell you the truth I'm very excited but also a little nervous that I'm not ready, as this is Tristan and My first home, we have literally no household items, so we are buying everything new, this great but its also becoming a very daunting task, lately we have been spending alot of our free time sifting through furniture shops, we know what we like its just hard finding what we like and fits in our space, but yesterday we had a brake through, we decided on a couch woooo... one thing down only a million things to go, Its the Concerto M Package from King Furniture a beautiful corner couch... but here comes my dilemma.. Colours and fabric??? Leather?? Material??, we are leaning towrads Meterial on this particular couch..

Below are pictures of the couch we want and in the 3 different colours, which one would you chose??
The couch that we will have will only be the 2 seat and chaise..

We like the look of this one...

Or this light Grey... Will this still stain like white??  I just think that with the black and white theme this might go better!!!

I love this white-ish one in person it has a silvery shine to it, but what are every ones thoughts on a white-ish couch?

Anyway progress....

Last week we had all of our cabinets installed, our bricks cleaned, garage measured up, ceaser stone measured, and our painter start, he has started the walls/roof and started staining all our timber windows/doors, i was only able to get a few pics yesterday of the painting and they aren't great quality off my iphone sorry guys... here they are...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cabinets have entred the building!!!!

Went by the house today to have a look and thankfully we were able to get in and lucky because our cabinets have been delivered!! So exciting, cant wait till they are installed!!  Lou and Neen im pretty sure that when we were driving past we could see yours sitting in your Master bed room too :)

Please welcome My Cabinets.......... ;)

Bathroom Vanity and En suite Vanity in Ebony Macassar gloss finish
Kitchen Island, Fridge space and wine rack in Ebony Macassar matt finish
Back pot draws and Overhead cabinets in White Silk
Laundry Bench in Diamond Gloss - Pure Mineral Stone

Kitchen Sink

Laundry Bench

Wine Rack for above the fridge

Half of the Kitchen Island

Right: Bathroom vanity, Left:En suite vanity

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Offically locked out.... well kinda!!


Rob our carpenter was on site last Thursday starting our fix, Tristan had a chat to him and he said he would be finished the fix by Monday :) Then he would be finishing off the lock up, eve's and ect, he has put our front door on already, which we will be changing after handover, but this means we are officially locked out (unless someone keeps leaving windows open for us lol)!! 
Our SS called Friday afternoon to give us an update on the house and let us no that Rob was there doing the fix and lock up which both should be complete by the end of this week ( I didn't let him no we already new) and also our cabinets should be in this week too then our painting will start, Arr i can hardly keep up everything is moving so quick :) He also wanted to follow up the independent inspection with me and let me know what was going to happen with the other items that didn't need to be fixed before plaster and insures me that they will start getting fixed this week :) All in all we are very happy with our build so far, can not wait to see our cabinets go in this week!!
Tristan and I spent the day in the city yesterday doing a Little research on furniture shopping, we went to Church st and had a look at Suite Deals (second hand display furniture) and other places along there, And because we really close and dropped by "The Block" to check it out (we love this show) and to our surprise the contestants were all still there working on there house's, we were shore that they would be finished but no they were all still there and having a chat to everyone, the out side of the house's are getting done atm, was very cool (go Josh and Jenner)!! We then drove out to the house, there was a window left open ;) and we were able to get it and see all the progress the carpenter is doing work and we are so happy, hopefully this week will bring lots more progress!!
And Handover for Reinsey and Loz, will be crossing my fingers everything goes well  :).

We didn't take any pic's yesterday was a bit dark but Tristan will get some this week!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

??? Questions ???

So alot of our blogger friends are in the process of handover, and it got me thinking, i have absolutely no idea of what is needed from me at this stage, or the sequence in which things happen, i know this might make me sound silly, but being a first home buyer I'm a bit confused and i am one of those people that like having things organised, or at least to know what is needed from me, So I'm going to send the question out to blog land, "What is the process and what is need from me to get to handover?"

Things i have been wondering? (they might be silly, i just don't know)

What is the banks part in the handover and what will i need to organise with them? ( atm we are just having them pay our invoices when we receive them from Metricon as we having a construction loan)
When settlement day comes, what is needed from me?
At what time should i have our last Independent Inspection go through?
Ect, If anyone can give me any good tips or info for this process that would be amazing!!

Thanks guy :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Plaster Pic's

Tristan went to the house and got some pic's for me on Friday,  the plaster is all up now, so they probably have a few more days at the house, then cabinets???? And Painting??? Or Tiles??? Arrr all a bit exciting!! Hope all our blog buddies have a good week with lots of progress!!

Dinning / Living

Hallway entry from kitchen/living



Shower in Bathroom

Bed 2 wardrobe


Dinning/ Living

Bed 2


Bed 3



Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Plaster started!!

Just a quick update, We had the plaster started today, went down tonight quickly as its Tristan birthday tomorrow and we wont get a chance, was too dark to take pictures, but light enough to see, its amazing how much of a difference it makes to the rooms, so exciting!! Will get pic's next time we go down :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Inspection Report / House update

Sorry for the delayed post guys, i have been away all weekend!!

Last Wednesday we had an Independent Inspection done by Kevin at New Home Inspection for pre plaster, and very promptly we received our report Thursday morning which i then sent through to Dean (SS) and Nicole (CSC) to make sure that it was received, Tristan then rang dean about 10am to talk to him about it, Dean said he hadn't had a chance to look at it yet, So Tristan told him that plaster was not to start Monday Unless all items that needed to be done pre-plaster where fixed, Dean then went on to tell Tristan that the Inspection was done to late and the problems wouldn't be able to be fixed before Monday (even though he hadn't look at the report yet, i think he was just trying to threaten us) Tristan told Dean if they weren't complete plaster WOULD be stopped and we would be going out Sunday to check and if we weren't satisfied,  Nicole would be getting a call on Monday to stop anything going ahead!!
Anyway the Inspection report was only 10 items and none of these items were really that bad just little frame problems here and there, so we were actually quiet happy.  Tristan went the house Friday afternoon and nothing had be done to fix them at all, Hmmm.. but our SS was on his game, because when we arrived there yesterday afternoon (Sunday) we were very happy to see that 7/10 from the inspection were already fixed, there are 3 other issue that we already new about that need to be done still (thanks Jay for letting us now about the solar pipe wasn't correct and that is now one of my 3 issues that is going to be fixed :)...) Tristan rang Dean this morning and there were no plasters on site because Dean wanted the issues that had been rectified to be checked, so Tristan gave him the go ahead to do everything but the 3 walls that had the problem still, as we had checked everything yesterday, and as soon as we site the other 3 issue have been fixed they can complete, we are more then happy to work with him, hopefully he realises this now :) 

As for the House Update, we are very happy with the speed which we are moving :) 2 months in and we are about to be plastered, last week we had the completion of the bricks, insulation, electrical fit out, plumbing pipes in, plaster delivery and we have also had the concrete slab in the house leveled out so that the tiles go down perfect, We also had a visit from Janine down the road yesterday when we were at the house, its so lovely to have friends for neighbours!!!
And finally here are some pictures :)  They are not the best pic's of the bricks as the sun was setting ill try get some more soon!!