Thursday, November 3, 2011

Connected again!!

Hi Guys, we finally have our Internet up and running so I'm connected again :)
Alot has been happening since we took possession on of the house on 14.10.11 wow it will nearly be a month soon, how time flys when you having fun!!

Our settlement went smoothly and to our SS credit everything that was asked to be fixed was, we just have one little problem to be rectified, our front feature brick wall was damaged when pulling up the plastic around the slab on handover day so a few of the bricks are to replaced which should happen sometime next week!!

We had moved all of our things in on the night that we took possession, We did a couple of loads and we were done (the positive in not owning any furniture), We had most of our furniture delivery's arrive the Saturday (day after handover) and Tristan was fast in putting everything together. We spent the first couple of days on the inside of the house also had the curtains measured by Sharon's curtains and Tristan laid the floor boards in the study.
We then started on the outside,( All boundary fencing was completed on day of settlement) Tristan built our side gate, garage screen, we had our front taps moved as we are having the deck all the way to the front, then started on the front deck, putting in the train track sleepers that will be connected to the decking and frame, while i started on the staining the fence (which i still haven't finished) All in all we have done a fair bit in the 2 weeks we had off but there is still so much to do (when we have the funds to do so)
We are having the front of the house rendered on Monday in Surmist (excluding the feature wall) this is why hasn't finished the deck,, we are going to wait till the render is complete. The curtains are scheduled to be installed next week or the start of the one after. I only have a few pics on my phone but will take some more soon :)

I still have alot of decorating to do, but here are my first pics....


Side Fence

This is the only pic i have of the side screen which is now complete

My half painted fence

Trist putting the sleepers in..



Study flooring


Couch and Ottoman

Dinning and Kitchen

Dinning table


(Tristan is going to run all the wires through the wall so you want see them)