Monday, March 28, 2011


We had settlement today!! Only 5 days late but done!
We had a little problem last week something wasn't filled in properly, to do with the Fhog, which was the finical adviser's mistake so we didn't settle last Thursday and we have incurred a fee for not doing so, tho the adviser will be reimbursing us this (which we have in writing).
So exciting its ours now :) 
Hopefully we will be on site as soon as possible!! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Water Thief's!

Tristan and I decided to go down to the block yesterday as Janine has been speaking about her lost pegs and it got my thinking, do we have Pegs?? and if we do where are they?? Well anyway once we got down there we did find our pegs with a little bit of searching! But when we first arrived, we had a lil surprise hose connected to our  new taps!!! Well i was not very happy it seems that the couple of house across the rd decided that since we have taps on our block why not use them?? Tristan check the water meter which read 1035!!!! So after a little discussion we decide to
1) Take the handle off
but knowing tradies (Tristan being one him self) I didn't think that this would stop them they would prob just find a way around it.

2) Off to bunnings to buy a padlock
Tristan turned the water off and we padlocked it so unless they cut our padlock which we are hoping they don't do, they have no way to steal our water now

So what does everyone think?? Will this work?? Are we actually aloud to do this even tho it is ours?? and do you think it will actually stop them??

I plan on getting in contact with Kate(csc) tomorrow morning to let her no what we have done, and also the padlock we brought is a  number padlock with a code, so if metricon go out there all they need to do is have the code and they can unlock i will give the numbers to Kate tomorrow!

Monday, March 14, 2011

We have TAPS!!!!

We went down to the block yesterday and found a nice lil surprise on our block, we have been tapped, and the first in our stage too, i think this is a good sign!!!

                                                                 Our Beautiful Taps

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I finally got the call we have been waiting for at 11am this morning!!!
Are you ready for it................... 24th of March is our Settlement date, this date is also shared by Tristan and my 3yr Anniversary as well, what a great present!!! I cant stop smiling!!

This beautiful block will finally be Ours!!

Sorry guys just a bit Excited here!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Registration............ Soon..

This last month has felt like years, endless waiting!! But on Monday i had a long awaited call from the Conveyancer letting me know that the title office now has the registration and should only take 7 days to register, fingers crossed we will be first time Land owners and settle in the coming weeks!! On the builders side of things we are nearly completely ready for our build to start just have to sign off on our finally Plans which should be ready next week..... Its very exciting to see all our fellow Avenue bloggers starting there build process, i just cant wait!!

In other news Tristan and I went for a drive down to the estate last Saturday to see the block and visit the new Metricon display, we were a Lil bit excited to see that this display is very similar to our colour choices in so many ways, It was the first time that we have seen our tiles 600x600 porcelain white tiles done in a house and also the kitchen colour choices are very similar, we were really happy to see so many of our choices all together, helpfully ours will just as good!! So if anyone goes into the newest Metricon display have a look at the tiles they are beautiful, very happy with this decision of ours!!