Saturday, March 19, 2011

Water Thief's!

Tristan and I decided to go down to the block yesterday as Janine has been speaking about her lost pegs and it got my thinking, do we have Pegs?? and if we do where are they?? Well anyway once we got down there we did find our pegs with a little bit of searching! But when we first arrived, we had a lil surprise hose connected to our  new taps!!! Well i was not very happy it seems that the couple of house across the rd decided that since we have taps on our block why not use them?? Tristan check the water meter which read 1035!!!! So after a little discussion we decide to
1) Take the handle off
but knowing tradies (Tristan being one him self) I didn't think that this would stop them they would prob just find a way around it.

2) Off to bunnings to buy a padlock
Tristan turned the water off and we padlocked it so unless they cut our padlock which we are hoping they don't do, they have no way to steal our water now

So what does everyone think?? Will this work?? Are we actually aloud to do this even tho it is ours?? and do you think it will actually stop them??

I plan on getting in contact with Kate(csc) tomorrow morning to let her no what we have done, and also the padlock we brought is a  number padlock with a code, so if metricon go out there all they need to do is have the code and they can unlock i will give the numbers to Kate tomorrow!


Janine Kimberley said...

Far out!! I Cannot believe that anyone would do this! Did you front the house across the road? If so, what did they say?

We don't have taps yet. Glad to hear you found your pegs though! I think I have started something with the search for pegs.

Jay said...

Hate to say this, but i told you so. lol.

They should have water on their block before they build, due to health concerns anyway. Might be worth a call to their builder.

What would you do though if they cut the padlock??

Tash said...

Janine I was quite surprised that they would actually do this as well but after Jay mentioned it to us last week I was going to check, clearly people just dont care!! We did not talk to anyone across the road because there was no one on site, but if happens again tho I will definatly be saying something to someone!

Lol Jay I know, and thanks for the heads up because after you mentioned it last week we were definatly a Lil bit worried, the house across the rd don't have any taps at all and they are at the frame stage!! I'm hoping they won't cut the padlock and if they think about it hopefully they realize that there is no handle as well, so we are just hoping that it stops them!

kysbigadventure said...

I drove past there the other day but didn't know who's block it was to say anything. It makes me so cranky that this happens. I can tell you that it was the build across the road who had their hose running across.

Someone has been using my water as well. I didn't pick up on it until I noticed they left their attachment on the tap. To top it off they took the handle to the tap with them! I also noticed that the tap down the side of my house has been used to as the dirt underneath it was all muddy.

People really do not have any respect do they? I took their hose attachment and have been taking note of the water metre readings. There has been no substantial use for a couple of weeks.

Is the build across the road a Metricon. I can't remember if Metricon pays your water build until hand over or not. If so that may be the reason for them using your water. Just a thought.

Tash said...

Hi Ky :)

Thats my block that they are stealing the water from :( and i am pretty sure that they are not metricon builds across the rd, I think that we are to pay any bills for the water while the build is happeing but im not positive, after i speak to Kate today i will no more i have left her a message.

Thanks ky, we thought it must have been them because when we arrived the hose was just sitting next to our tap still connected, Tristan took the connection for the hose aswell and just put the hose back across the rd, We have taken our handle to the tap, in hope this might make it harder for them to!

I cant beleive they first use your water and then took your handle that is rediculous!!

Im really tempted to make a trip out there tonight i really want to see if they are just going to cut our padlock anyway :/

Jay said...

Just to let you guys know that you have to pay for the water usage and all service charges during the build, because it is in your name.

You dont have to pay for the electricity and gas though until it is in your name, so hold off on that until handover.
We are still getting pested by TRU energy to put the energy bills in our name, as Metricon have told them the house is complete. I told the lady it wont be happening until we have settlement and until then Metricon can keep paying the service and usage charges.
It has been 7 months now. Think of the money it would have cost us, that we are saving.

Janine Kimberley said...

Happy settlement day - isn't it today Tash!!!
You are now official owners of a piece of dirt at The Avenue!!

Tash said...

Hey Janine,

We have had a terrible week, it would seem that our financal addvisor that set up our loan had forgotten to give them something or something was done wrong on he's end so we were unable to settle yesterday (he is taking tottal responsibility for it) and lets just say that the Avenue is less then impressed, my convayancer had asked for an extra 24 hours(as she thinks we will settle today) and they gave her a big No and said that they would issuing a fine and the interest from 5 oclock yesterday which is about $800 luckly this will not be coming from us it will be coming from our addvisor, (well we will pay it up front then they will give it back to us) and the avenue have also said that they will be writting a letter stating that we now have 14 days to settle or the contract will be ending :( it should be done at the absolute latest on Monday, so that shouldnt happen, but what a terrible mess it is! I will keep you posted Jaine and thanks for think of us yesterday!!