Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Driveway and A Delay

Finally the driveway was poured on Monday and its just what we wanted :) We also received our Inspection report back from Kevin over the weekend, all together the was 15 items, some that we had already sighted on the day with our SS and mostly only cosmetic touch ups, A couple of them thought will need a little bit of work, they have to pull out a couple of bricks and replace them and also fix the fascia and gutter on the front of the drive to make it "Fall" right, which is were the delay comes into it because the driveway has been delayed they now can not go on it, till its completely set, thus not being able to fix the garage till next week, So we have a new handover date of next Thursday so only really delayed by 6 days, a little annoying but better off waiting i think! I will keep you all updated if there are any changes :) And here are some pic's of our driveway its alot lighter then it will be in these pics as there is a light powered over the top!! (also you will see that our next door neighbours slab has been layed in the back of the photos)