Thursday, October 7, 2010

Building the Belize with Metricon

Ok, so i have been looking through a lot of blogs recently since we started this whole process, so i thought i would start my own! My partner and I are building the belize with Metricon, in the Avenue, at this stage we have put our deposit down and we are waiting for a our land to title which is meant to be in December, we are also waiting on Metricon to ring so we can have our M Studios appt and what not!
Last weekend we went down to the Avenue where we found they have started to do our roads, this very exciting as we have not even been able to stand on our land as we cant get there in the car but when we go down this weekend we plan on getting out and going for a walk , i will try and get some pics!!


Reinsey said...

It's great that you've started a blog too Tash. Now we can all watch yours unfold too. When I go for a trip to the estate I always check out our blog friends builds as well. Gives me hope that ONE DAY we'll have a house too!!!

Janine Kimberley said...

Hi Tash, Welcome to blog world at The Avenue, you will meet so many great people here!!! What lot are you building on, if your land titles in December, I am guessing its on Stage 10 like us.
We will follow your build with interest.

Tash said...

Hey Guys thanks, Im very excited to have my own blog now, its very interesting to look through everyones and a great way to tract our devlopment!! Janine we are building in stage 12 and although the Avenue site says Feb we have been reasurred that it will title in December but from what i have read from everones blogs and from the forum who knows lol, Im hoping december but i want be to disappointed if it does fall in Febuary! Our lot is 1220!! :)