Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kate our CSC

I had a call late Friday afternoon from Kate at Metricon introducing herself as she will be our CSC, we made all of our appts Contract signing, M studio, Electrical and Tiles, which is all booked in to be done by the 20th of November. First of which will be our contract signing on the 26th October!!

We didn't get a chance to go down to the estate this weekend, so were hoping next weekend when we go down that we might have the road done!!

We have also been informed by the forum that there are no phone lines and Internet in our estate which is a bit of a worry, so glad i found the forum very helpful as no one else has informed us about these problems, but i cant help to wonder how exactly Linda has a land line out the front and how the display homes will have phones as well!! I really hope that we can get this fixed before we move in!!

I do have some photos on my camera from last weekend that i will try and upload this week when i get a chance of what we believe is going to be our block of land!!


Reinsey said...

You didn't miss much by not going down this weekend Tash. It doesn't look as though anything changed at all except for a few site scrapes in stage 8. We weren't going to go visit either, but it's become so much a part of our routine that we felt kind of guilty not going and snuck down late yesterday.

It's funny how different builders have a different order to things. Both PD and Carlisle book you in for all your selections first and then go to tender and then contract. I know from others on here that big M upgrades are pretty exxy so hopefully they don't take your money and then tell you the final price after it's too late.

Jay said...

Just some tips for you Tash, when you guys have your studio M appointment. If you haven't already done so, make an appointment beforehand to visit the studio and have a look at what they have before the day. They did tours on sundays when we went and it made things easier to stick to a budget as you know what are extras and what aren't.
As for Electrical, things can get a very pricy, very quickly, so if you plan on wanting things put in certain places or extra powerpoints, mark it down on a copy of your plans.

I have a copy of the price list for Electrical if your interested in seeing them. Helped us out heaps and let us stick to a budget. Doing nearly all the electrical afterwards.

Tash said...

Hey Reinsey,
I didnt think that they would get much done with that horrible weather we had last week!! I actualy wondered my self why we would be doing our contract signing first seems a lil back ward to me!!

Hey Jay,
We did go for a walk through a couple of weeks ago, it was a good help, all though most of everything seems like extras lol. Oh if you have a price list for electrics that would be amazing just to see what were in for, my email is if you could email it over that would be great.

kysbigadventure said...


M should also be able to give you a list of upgrades and prices before you go to Studio M and that should also help you with your budget. From my experience Beaumont Tiles would not give me any indication of prices until the day of the appointment. It's the little things like upgrades of doors, handles, finish on bench tops and cupboards and the type of basins you have to taps and doors that soon add up. From listening to people on the forum most people have upgraded anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 depending to how far you want to go and if you have a handy man who can do some things.

Just don't let your colour specialist rush you on the day and go in as prepared as you can be, ask lots of questions, visit lots of display homes and also get an idea on price of a few things like taps and doors. You may find that they want you to pay $500.00 for that nice wooden door to the pantry which you can get yourself for $250.00. Or $490.00 for a tap that is only $300.00.

Good luck! This is an exciting time.

Tash said...

Hey Kylie,

I might ring them today to see if they can do that, as it would be good going in knowing what prices we are looking at, One of the things that im most worried about is the bricks, when we were on our tour of M studios we didnt really see anything we liked in the cat 1, and we are still very undecisive on our colour choices, so hard to decided!! My partner is a builder/Carpenter so he will be able to do quite a bit after the build which is good, if we choose to!
Oh thoes pretty wood/glass doors they have in all of there pantrys and bedroom doors are so pretty, they do a very good job of sucking you in!!
Thanks for the advise :)

Robert Richmond said...

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