Saturday, April 30, 2011

Scraped into April...

So true to there word, we have been scraped on Friday the 29th April, we had an email from our csc Nicole(she is our new construction Csc) confirming that site start was done Friday afternoon so Tristan and I quickly jumped in the car and with little light and it was done, its amazing the feeling when you arrive and there is something actually done :) It has been 9 months since will made our first deposit!!
Because we could not hardly see i decided to take a drive down with my sister in-law Saturday afternoon to get some photos (Tristan was working) And to my surprise someone had been there on Saturday working, putting pegs in (the ones with the nails on the top of them, i don't no what they are called lol)
Hopefully we will see more progress this coming week :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Moved to Site!!

I was on the phone all day yesterday sorting out this mess with the pegs and crushed rock and finally yesterday afternoon at 5pm Kate rang and said you have been moved to Site everything is done, this is such a relief!! So the site supervisor, Dean Frith (we have a name, has anyone dealt with him?) went back out to the house and check our 3 pegs that we have made very obvious with a handy yellow spray can, and said this would be enough for them to work off thank god no new survey Yay!! And we dealt with the crushed rock and came to an agreement, lets just say we wont be paying for it :) So Kate seems to think we will be on site next week, but i think it may be the week after, oh well we are on our way now!!! Thank guys you have all been so helpful, couldn't have asked for a better bunch to be going through my build with :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crushed...... Rock?

Royalty-Free (RF) Clip Art Illustration of a Cartoon Rock Falling Over A Businessman

I received a call from our Csc today to check how we were going with our final plans and to tell you the truth they were pretty good we only had 2 problems with them and they have been fixed :)

Also she rang to tell me that our site supervisor has been out to the block( no name yet) and has said that we need Crushed rock on the front of our block to provide better access to the site as it is really soft, we can either do it ourselves or get metricon to do it for a fee of $850(are they serious) well it seems they are so i have rang some company's and got a quote for 10m3 of crushed rock which is what they are saying we need( Tristan thinks this is quiet alot as its only for the front of the block) i have been quoted $44.60 per m3 delivered which sounds pretty good to me and Tristan and he's work boys will laying it down so either $446 to do our slefs or $850 for metricon to do, i think we are going to do this our selves.

But this is not the only thing that our new site supervisor has said, he has also said that there are no pegs in which is a load of bullocks because we went looking for these only a couple of weeks ago, no they are not easy to find, but they ARE there, so we will go out to the block tonight to make these a little more obvious (i intended to take a bright yellow spray can with me, there wont be no missing them then) :) If they were to do a re-establishment survey it would cost $1190.

Kate said that we will be at site next week, and if not at least the week after, but i am not holding my breath.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I received an email yesterday afternoon from my Csc with a copy of my final plans and letting me know that our building permit was applied for yesterday, finally some progress!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cold feet... and i dont thinks its because of the weather!!

Why is it that once something is locked in, I get cold feet about our choices, although we have signed and excepted our colour choices sooo many times on Friday i signed it off for the last time before "ordering". Its the windows i am worried about but only because when deciding Tristan and i didn't agree on this and i won out with a little bit of help from our Studio M colour consultant with surfmist against he's preferred choice of black, As we are having such light bricks, nearly most everyone i have seen has put black with this brick and this is also what Tristan wanted, but i just think it looks a little harsh, keeping in mind that the front of the house windows and door frame will not have any effect in  this problem because they are all merbu timber, and so are the bi-parts in the kitchen/family, so the window colour will only be seen from the side of the house and on the inside, the inside does not bother me at all because our walls are all very white and i think the surfmist i have chosen goes well!! Am i stressing about nothing or does everyone agree with Tristan and think black would have been the way to go? Also keeping in mind, the gutter/roof tiles are monument and the fascia/downpipes are classic cream, to many colours??