Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cold feet... and i dont thinks its because of the weather!!

Why is it that once something is locked in, I get cold feet about our choices, although we have signed and excepted our colour choices sooo many times on Friday i signed it off for the last time before "ordering". Its the windows i am worried about but only because when deciding Tristan and i didn't agree on this and i won out with a little bit of help from our Studio M colour consultant with surfmist against he's preferred choice of black, As we are having such light bricks, nearly most everyone i have seen has put black with this brick and this is also what Tristan wanted, but i just think it looks a little harsh, keeping in mind that the front of the house windows and door frame will not have any effect in  this problem because they are all merbu timber, and so are the bi-parts in the kitchen/family, so the window colour will only be seen from the side of the house and on the inside, the inside does not bother me at all because our walls are all very white and i think the surfmist i have chosen goes well!! Am i stressing about nothing or does everyone agree with Tristan and think black would have been the way to go? Also keeping in mind, the gutter/roof tiles are monument and the fascia/downpipes are classic cream, to many colours??


JayJay said...

Everyone has the same problem (to an extent) as you do. But I've never known anyone to regret their choices once they see the finished product. I honoestly think you can't do wrong with colour selection, unless you're going all retro colours, which only a hippy would do anyway. Plus there interior designers assisting with selections will comment if you do make a bad decision.

Everything will be fine. If in doubt, I think StudioM have an interactive website that lets you test the colour scheme. Take a look and see what you think. You might not be able to find the exact design of house or fascade, but just choose the closest you can find.

Tonia said...

I keep getting cold feet about every single colour choice I have made. Our minds keep playing tricks on us I think! I am sure your choices will be perfect so don't stress about it :) Debra won't let me make any more changes so I won't allow u either LOL

Reinsey said...

Tash....stress less little one! Your colours will look lovely. And if they don't, you'll always have us to stand out front, point and laugh!!
Nooooo..just kidding. I have these little mini attacks every few days. Surfmist is sooo yummy. It'll look great!!

Tash said...

Thanks JayJay :)

Tonia all your colour choices have been amazing, LOl i think you may have to keep me in line!!!

Hahaha Reinsey i will try but its soooo hard when they give you so many options lol if it looks horrible i will probaly join in with you all and just blame Tristan ;) I need to have a visit to your place and look at your pretty surfmist i think!!!

Janine Kimberley said...

It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind Tash! I've totally changed my tiles and laminate for the ensuite & laundry. Perhaps its one advantage of not having to have to lock in choices so far in advance - let's face it I have so much time on my hands with all the waiting and waiting I may change something else before I finish.

I am sure your choices will be great - go with your gut feel. I am sure we will be building buddies sometime this year :(

Tash said...

I totally agree Janine, i think its wired into our brains like this and definatly because we have had soooo much time to think about it and see everyone else's beautiful builds, a girls aloud to change her mind a couple of billion times right?? lol
Maybe our builders are in cahoots about having us be building buddies ;) but for your sake i hope not cause i think you guys will be on site before us at this rate, I mean really WHAT is taking them so long!!!! WERE READY!!!