Friday, April 15, 2011

Moved to Site!!

I was on the phone all day yesterday sorting out this mess with the pegs and crushed rock and finally yesterday afternoon at 5pm Kate rang and said you have been moved to Site everything is done, this is such a relief!! So the site supervisor, Dean Frith (we have a name, has anyone dealt with him?) went back out to the house and check our 3 pegs that we have made very obvious with a handy yellow spray can, and said this would be enough for them to work off thank god no new survey Yay!! And we dealt with the crushed rock and came to an agreement, lets just say we wont be paying for it :) So Kate seems to think we will be on site next week, but i think it may be the week after, oh well we are on our way now!!! Thank guys you have all been so helpful, couldn't have asked for a better bunch to be going through my build with :)


Tonia said...

woooooohoooooooooooooooo :)) Congrats guys!!

Bring on the pics :)

Jay said...

I believe Dean is the guy that took over half of Kylie's and our old Site managers jobs.

Reinsey said...

All smooth sailing from here (hopefully). Here's to a trouble free, relaxing and gorgeous build. Xxx

Shayne said...

Great news :) Bring on a site start!

Janine Kimberley said...

Yay Tash, bring on the builds!!!! We checked your pegs today when we were down - hey, you have such a little sign compared to ours!!!

Tash said...

Thanks Tonia, I think im going to go pic mad, i may need to go buy a new memory card just for the build :)

Ooo Jay do you know if he was any good?? Ill have to ask Ky if it is the same guy!

Fingers crossed Reinsey, for smooth sailing here on out!

Thanks Shayne, Monday we should get a site start date!!

I know Janine i cant wait, never know we could be on site the same day :) Yes the site supervisor said 3 pegs was enough, thank god, do you think i made them obvious enough, to tell you the truth it was so dark i really dont know what it ended up looking like, hopfuly we will get a chance to go down tomorrow!! Hahaha I know we went and seen your sign last week and ours is so tiny thats all we had, yours is definatly much better!!

kysbigadventure said...

Dean was my Site Manager, I thought that he was great until I moved in and later found I had a problem with my heating. I was sent an email by accident that he had sent to his Manager in which he said that he and I had a conversation about the heating the day that I took possession of the house and I had told him I was happy and would accept the problem.

We had never had such a conversation as I did not discover the problem for a month or so after I moved in. Obviously it was his word against mine which I was not too happy about. I was a little unhappy that he had lied, and blatantly at that.

Like all site managers, keep an eye on him, if you have a complaint, put it in writing, and if he says he is going to do something get that in writing too. Document your conversations with time and date and don't let them pressure you if you want private inspections. When it comes time for final inspection go through the house like you are giving it a good clean, it's amazing how many faults I found during my first clean and I was told it was too late to bring them up as they were cosmetic.

Dean was pretty good, he listened to me and acted pretty quickly on things that I asked to be done. I was in a hurry to get into the house and should have been a little more insistent on having some things done. I think I was lucky having Dean when I hear about some of the other SS.

Tash said...

Ooo Ky, he sounds like a sneaky little supervisor!! Thats horrible, what was wrong with the heater?? I will keep my eye on him, thank you for the warning, hopfully he is good like he was with you, well until handover anyway! Yes I will definatly try and get everything in writing, if there's something I have learnt through this hole process it is that photos and emails are key, they can't fight with the proof in front of them :)