Thursday, May 26, 2011

We are on a roll now.... Frame here we come!!

Went out to block this afternoon just to see the slab complete because they were still working when i was there Wednesday....  i thought i was shocked Wednesday well i was doubly shocked today when i arrived and the carpenters were there starting our framing :) Finally things look like we are all go ahead, i had a little chat to the carpenters just before they left (just the two of them) and he said framing will be complete by next Friday :) Yay so happy, great start to the weekend!!
Also our Metricon sign has been fix and now has the right address on it :)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I took the day off today to get a couple of things done, then decided to go for a drive this afternoon just to check the block, although i thought there would be no chance they would do the slab today with this whether,  to my utter surprise there they were pretty much finished doing the it, i was so excited!! We finally have a slab 26 days since site start :) Hopefully our frame will start next week so our pretty doors don't sit there to much longer!!

Louneen, your frame has been started you have timber everywhere :)

So here are some long awaited pics :)




Friday, May 20, 2011

Keep it inside the fence guys!!!


I finished work early yesterday and decided i would drive down to the block to see how long it is going to take me and to check up on the site. It was only a 35min drive from work, which is pretty good, it takes me around 25mins now, anyway more to the point you could say i was in a little bit of shock when i arrived, first the form work for our slab has been done, but to make room to do this they have opened the middle of our fence down one of the sides and moved all our windows and doors out on the dirt on next doors land, Yep just sitting on the dirt, so first i rang Tristan and then attempted to ring my SS but no answer and went straight to message bank, so i waited till Tristan could come and meet me and we moved what we could lift (these doors and windows are not little and my little frame was not copping) which all except the bi-part doors into the back of the block, which I'm not sure why they didn't move them there in the first place, I'm thinking the people that came to do form work, were not to impressed when they arrived and all these were sitting right where they were meant to start work, which i can totally understand, they should'nt have been sitting in the middle of the block and they shouldn't have been there at this stage at ALL!! So we then went home and got some help, lucky i have 5 brothers and went back out there, moved the bi-parts and closed the fence back up, still haven't had a call back from the SS. Also while sitting there waiting for Tristan i noticed we had our sticker on the back of our toilet, except its not our sticker at all, Lou its yours, the sticker had 1020 Charlbury cres hahaha I'm pretty sure our block is 1220 Chantenay pde, We both have the same SS and someone has made a bit of a  boo boo... So hopefully since we are ready for our pour we get poured today.. but I'm not holding my breath.... On the up side Tristan checked the form work and said they have done a good job!! Lets cross our fingers no more problems, im going to keep positive :)
 The form work on the slab

I don't know if you can see the writing it say 1020 Charlbury not 1220 Chantenay like its meant too

These are my pretty doors on the ground

Here you can see where they have opened the side of the gate and put all oue windows and doors on the dirt before we moved them...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everything else but our slab!!

Day 21 on site!

Tristan dropped by the block yesterday afternoon to find, foam for the slab, crushed rock been spread at the front of the driveway, termite protection done, wood for the slab to be boxed out and also to our surprise we have all our windows and timber doors, 2x timber bi-parts and 5x timber windows!! Seriously we don't even have a slab yet and from talking to our SS i don't think we will have frame start till the week after next, my beautiful new timber is going to get all rained on!!
Hopefully we will have a slab today, by the looks of the site they are ready to go ahead with it!!

Here are some pics...

Windows and back door jamb

Front timeber windows

More windows and front door jamb

2x Timber bi-part doors

Foam for the slab

Everything just sitting on our block waiting

And again

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day:19 on Site and we have plumbing and pipes!!

We are finally having some progress on the site, things are moving slightly slower then expected, due to the amount of rain we had last week. Dean (SS) rang and introduced himself on Monday morning, and ran me through what he thought would be happening in the next couple of weeks, plumbing and slab pour this week (fingers crossed), he would like to meet us on site next week once we have a slab to walk on for an introductory meeting with him, then frame should start the week after that, Its nice to finally know what to expect to some degree from the next few weeks, Dean seems like a nice guy.
So since my last post, we have had the toilet arrive and all the plumbing and pipes go in :) hoping tomorrow will bring the prep for the slab and Friday maybe just maybe a slab??

So here are Finally!! some pictures of the progress so far (Tristan is working rather close at the moment so he is on photo duties for me)

 From the back of the block

Fencing and Toilet

 Front Right corner: Electrical box and pipes

 More pipes

Front Left: Garage and pipes

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fencing and Electricity..... no slab yet!

I received a message on Tuesday from Janine one of my lovely Avenuers that we had fencing being put up, so we couldn't help ourselves but to go down and have a look, wondering if anything else would have been done, but there was just our new fencing, its was good to see as you can get a real feel for the size of the land when the fencing is around it.
We went for another drive down on Friday evening and found an electricity box that had been connected but nothing else, maybe, hopefully something happened on the block yesterday (probably not tho) Its so hard to stop ourselves from going down, i wont to go down everyday to see if something is happened (its great that we have other people looking out for us to, love getting little messages coming from the our blogger friends :)
Hopefully a slab this week???  I am going away Thursday afternoon to Canberra to visit some friends so it will be up to Tristan to let me know what has happened!! 
I still have not heard from me Site Supervisor once yet, will be interesting to see if he contacts me this week, hmm!!
No pics yet it is to dark to take any by the time we get down there and we were to busy this weekend to go down :(