Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I took the day off today to get a couple of things done, then decided to go for a drive this afternoon just to check the block, although i thought there would be no chance they would do the slab today with this whether,  to my utter surprise there they were pretty much finished doing the it, i was so excited!! We finally have a slab 26 days since site start :) Hopefully our frame will start next week so our pretty doors don't sit there to much longer!!

Louneen, your frame has been started you have timber everywhere :)

So here are some long awaited pics :)





Shayne said...


How exciting :) Hope that frame goes up soon - I remember how frustrating it is having doors and windows lying around in the elements!!

Reinsey said...


It looks awesome Tash. Now you're really on your way! It's supposed to be good luck to get a bit of drizzle on your slab too :)

Tonia said...

Awesome news Tash! Now all you have to do is wait for the slab to cure and then its framey time :))

Janine K said...

Woo Hoo, at long last Tash, the slab has been poured!!!! Lets see whose frame starts first!!

Rachel and Sandy said...

Awesome! I have slab envy.....we start site scrape next thursady.
Don't worry about some rain on the slab it helps it cure so you get harder concrete.

Tash said...

Thanks Shayne, I'm just hoping the doors are ok :)

Reinsey I wonder if a alot of drizzle is good luck to? Lol I have been told that if we have a lil bit of rain it is good for the slab :)

Thanks Tonia and Janine, I reckon you will still have your frame first, maybe we may start next week, it's ment to be good weather, so fingers crossed!!

Rachel and Sandy, you must be so excited to start I know we were :)

LouNeen said...

So excited for you that is great news!! Let's hope it keeps moving now. That for the update on ours :-)

newbuild said...

Blink and you'll miss the frame go up! Good luck with the weather:)