Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day:19 on Site and we have plumbing and pipes!!

We are finally having some progress on the site, things are moving slightly slower then expected, due to the amount of rain we had last week. Dean (SS) rang and introduced himself on Monday morning, and ran me through what he thought would be happening in the next couple of weeks, plumbing and slab pour this week (fingers crossed), he would like to meet us on site next week once we have a slab to walk on for an introductory meeting with him, then frame should start the week after that, Its nice to finally know what to expect to some degree from the next few weeks, Dean seems like a nice guy.
So since my last post, we have had the toilet arrive and all the plumbing and pipes go in :) hoping tomorrow will bring the prep for the slab and Friday maybe just maybe a slab??

So here are Finally!! some pictures of the progress so far (Tristan is working rather close at the moment so he is on photo duties for me)

 From the back of the block

Fencing and Toilet

 Front Right corner: Electrical box and pipes

 More pipes

Front Left: Garage and pipes


Tonia said...

Oh how exciting Tash!!! Wooohoooo :))

Janine K said...

Yay never thought we could get so excited about pipes! Bring on the slab!

Reinsey said...

*Yay* Tash. How cool is it to now be able to see roughly where your rooms will sit??

Fingers and toes crossed for a pour this week!

LouNeen said...

Great news!! I am sure you are excited to see the progress!!! Glad you heard from our SS, we still haven't heard however tend to agree they could be trying to keep us at the same rate :-) everything crossed for our slabs.