Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Overlay No More..

I just spoke to Roslyn at the Casey Council and the Overlay has been removed :) The Avenue have been able to get Melbourne Water to remove the overlay, and now i cant remove the smile off my face :)
All we need now is for a land to title and we will be on our way, i hope!! Positive thinking guys!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our kitchen (as close as i can find to the same layout)

Ok guys because our house does not have a display and we change our layout a bit, its a bit hard to find pics but this is as close as i can get, the only difference being that the dinning table is going to be directly in front of this photo (in front of the island and there will be an bi-part timber doors to the right where there table is in this kitchen) everything else is very similar, same pantry, fridge space same( except there is a wine rack instead of a cupboard above the fridge) same island and cupboards and oven :)

Thanks Tonia and Shayne I'm very grateful to be able to get every ones opinion and it does help me alot, When i in visioned my kitchen i did see the island as one whole colour.

Reinsey i don't have pics of different coloured islands because most photos are like the one above and you can not see the other side of the island which is what i am confused about it, It is the oppitsite side of the island to the one you can see in this photo that i am talking about. I think that there are pros and cons for both in having the white or ebony maccassa.

Sandrine i looked at your kitchen its beautiful, and you have very similar colour choices to us, only thing is that you have waterfall edges on the island and ours is just the side of the island just wrapped around.

Debra, our tiles are 600x600 porcelain white, bench top is ospray ceaser stone, splash back Antarctica (white on white) so we already have ALOT of white in the house ohh and the walls are white in saying that we did want this look so we can bring the colour in with furniture ect.

What to do????

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To many decisions??

I need your help guys?? I have a dilemma, recently we have changed some of our colour choices in the kitchen and today i got the colour schedule back, Overhead cabinets gloss white, lower cabinets gloss white, fridge space and wine rack above the fridge Ebony Maccassa (Dark wood grain) and the kitchen island Ebony Maccassa but the schedule was slightly different in that the island bench is Ebony Maccassa but instead of the front (where the draws are and where the microwave and dish washer will be) it said Gloss white so i rang my colour lady and said we must of made a mistake and i pointed this out to her, and she said that she did this as she thought that this is what i wanted and that she had seen quite a few display houses done this way and this got me wondering do i want it this way? Or do i want the whole kitchen island the one colour?? Now i don't know, what do you guys think?