Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To many decisions??

I need your help guys?? I have a dilemma, recently we have changed some of our colour choices in the kitchen and today i got the colour schedule back, Overhead cabinets gloss white, lower cabinets gloss white, fridge space and wine rack above the fridge Ebony Maccassa (Dark wood grain) and the kitchen island Ebony Maccassa but the schedule was slightly different in that the island bench is Ebony Maccassa but instead of the front (where the draws are and where the microwave and dish washer will be) it said Gloss white so i rang my colour lady and said we must of made a mistake and i pointed this out to her, and she said that she did this as she thought that this is what i wanted and that she had seen quite a few display houses done this way and this got me wondering do i want it this way? Or do i want the whole kitchen island the one colour?? Now i don't know, what do you guys think?


Tonia said...

id say do it the same colour! other cabinets are great in a different colour but the island needs to be one whole colour i think! just my opinion..and dont let them make you think that this was your fault because this was obviously their mistake and are just trying to blame it on you!

Shayne said...

I agree with Tonia - different colour are great (my kitchen is a combo of gloss white and dark chocolate!) but I would stick with the island being al one colour for cohesion.

Good luck!

Reinsey said...

Tash, I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Are you able to post a couple of pictures of your display kitchen and maybe a couple of other metricon kitchens, 1 with the two colors and 1 with a single colour?

We've got 2 colours on our island bench. The side that faces the main kitchen wall is white, and the other three sides (1 faces the fridge/ oven wall, 1 faces outside, and 1 faces the family room).

What have you done with your benchtop and splashback???

Sandrine said...

I think that two colours look good on the island,in my opinion. Check out our kitchen island bench splashback...the colour is the same as the overhead cupboards.

Debra said...

I've just looked at Sandrines kitchen and its gorgeous.
Tash, are the sides of the island dark, white, caesarstone? I have dark on the island back, sides are same colour as front. I agonized too, thankfully very happy with my choice. I like the way the eye is drawn to the dark island back and repeated in the overheads. I'm with Reinsey, benchtop, splashback, floor?

Shayne said...

Sandrine yours looks great - I think because you have those waterfall edges then just the rear part in the darker colour it looks fab!