Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Overlay No More..

I just spoke to Roslyn at the Casey Council and the Overlay has been removed :) The Avenue have been able to get Melbourne Water to remove the overlay, and now i cant remove the smile off my face :)
All we need now is for a land to title and we will be on our way, i hope!! Positive thinking guys!!


Reinsey said...

Must be close Tash... have they given you a date yet?
Do you know if the overlay has gone for the entire estate, or just your stage?

Tash said...

Hey Reinsey,I hope so, they did predict mid to late Feb, so fingers crossed, never know we may end up being building buddies, although i reckon you guys will be a bit ahead of us by the looks of things. I would think that the overlay has gone for the entire estate, that would make sence. But im not 100% sure, i didnt get to ask that i was a lil excited when the lady told me :)