Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good News!!

I just received a call from my conveyancer telling me that she has received a fax advising her that she should be contacted very soon for registration on our stage :) This is great news, never no may settle late Feb!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update on the Overlay

Since last time i posted, other then going a little Crazy, not much has happened in moving forward with this planning permit because..

1. The block is not yet in our name (as we haven't titled) just makes it a little harder to apply for the planning permit, I had to get in contact with The Avenue about getting them to sign the permit paper work to say the block is in there name atm, (Which they didn't seem to want to do at all) I spoke with Jill at the Avenue and after a few days of waiting she got back to me and told me that they would not be tittling stage 12 unless they were able to get a release on the overlay from Melbourne water for the whole estate(meaning we wouldn't be in need of a permit), I'm guessing this is because it runs right through every block in stage 12, and she advised that this should be happening any day now and that i should not bother lodging my own application because it would be pointless, but after getting this information i decided i would speak to the Casey council to see what there advise would be for me, as i wasn't sure what Jill was telling me was right, and they told me that they would have no idea when the overruling would come through and either would the Avenue, it could be anytime in the next 6 months (although and am starting to get a feeling that the council tends to exaggerate time periods), they advised me to lodge the application anyway and if it was cleared when the land titled i would be safe either way.

2. Metricon were now in the process of getting my new plans drawn up for me, to include the overlay but because you have to have the level surveys on the land done for the permit application plans, they had to send the surveyor's out to the block to do this, which they then did but because the land isn't completely subdivided yet, and there are no pegs in also the land hasn't be completely cleared yet (we have a huge pile of dirt right on our block) the surveys were unable to do the levels, Kate(CSC) sent me through an email saying that subdivision should be finished in the next 2 weeks (hmmm...) and then they will be able to do the levels and get the plans drawn up.

3. I had my conveyancer get the updated title ( needed to be in the last 30 days)  for the Avenue because that is what i will need to apply for my permit, which she was able to do so i guess i have one thing done.

Basically i am just playing a waiting game now, hoping that the Avenue get this overrule for  the whole estate but if i not i will be doing my permit application as soon as the subdivision is finished, just to stay on the safe side.

Also we have been told that we should be titling in Feb now (pushed out another month) but oh well Feb isn't to bad, I have my fingers crossed for a March start.

Picture of our crossover and the pile of dirt sitting right on our land.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Overlay, Overload

About a month ago our fellow Avenuer Reinsey let us know that our block was also being effected by this "overlay" that is apparently in relation to a flood/water related issue, i contacted my CSC about it to find out what would be the process and weather it would effect our block and this morning i received my answer, It was a big fat YES, Not only do we know have to apply for a planning overlay through the council we will also occur cost and could have a 12-16 week wait till we can build :( which to make it 10 times worse it also means that we will go over our time that we have to start building with Metricon and will occur cost there too.
Reinsey what was the process for you guys and are you going to have to wait this 12-16 week period???