Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Practically done!!

We had PCI yesterday with our SS and Kevin from "New home inspections"! Had a bit of bumpy start ie our SS forgetting that we had presentation at all lol, he was in the office when i rang and he was quick to jump in the car and arrive at the house, he also had one of his carpenters come around and open the house so we could start looking around, Kevin was busy checking out the outside of the house. All in all we are very happy with the finish of the house there are only a few things on the list of things to fix eg, the laundry bench top is currently been pulled out and replace as it had the wrong edging, the mirror in our ensuite is also wrong as its meant to finish square with the vanity but for some reason they have cut it to sit 50ml before the end of the vanity on both sides so that is also going to have to be pulled out and replaced, other then those 2 things, the rest it just cosmetics, paint touch ups, stain removed from windows where the painter couldn't keep inside of the lines ect, ohh and for some reason our driveway still has not been poured but the SS assures me it will be done any day now. We are just awaiting the report from Kevin now to see if he has more things to add to the list but he has told us the list it pretty good!

I received our Cert of occupancy and finally invoice from Metricon late Monday afternoon, so all paperwork was sent  off to the bank yesterday and they have advised me that i should defiantly have the cheque before next Friday.... Wooooooooooo, i don't want to get my hopes up to much but i am a little excited now!! So if everything goes to plan (crossing my fingers) we will have our keys to our New Home next Friday!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coming to an end!!

Sorry for the lack of posting guys, the time really seems to be getting away from me atm... Lots has been going on, carpets is in, cage, toilet and fencing removed, site scrap, shower screens are in, first house clean, SS has been through and put blue stickers everywhere that he wants fixed before the QA go through for metricon and we have our Cert of occupancy :)

We also now have some exciting dates i can share with everyone..
19.09.11  Painter to go through and fix everything we a blue spot
21.09.11  Metricon QA to go through the house
22.09.11  Driveway to be poured
23.09.11  Hopefully we will receive our last invoice and we will send paperwork off to the bank
27.09.11  PCI walk through with SS and Kevin from home inspections
07.10.11  Handover ( Crossing my Fingers, we have furniture meant to be delivered the week after )

Only 3 weeks, can you believe it??? The build has gone so fast and really with not big problems (yet)
The SS rang this morning asking if we would like a load of top soil as they had extra, Yes thank you :)
We also have got our fencing process underway, just wait for a response from my handful a neighbours now, hoping to get it up before we have hand over so the dogs can move in with us but will just have to wait and see.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

WE GOT IN, WE GOT IN!!!!!!!!!

Tristan and I went down to the Casey council this afternoon so we could get the Names and address of our neighbours to get our fencing process under way we have already got a quote, now we just need to get them to the neighbours to agree :) We have got a quote through Big Red Fencing but i have also heard that there is another company that is doing fencing in the avenue at a great price, i cant remember there name but I'm pretty sure the company starts with P.... do any of my Avenue ladies know who this is???? I would like to get another quote before sending it off to my neighbours all 5 of them... at least they all have a small portion of the fence!!!
Anyway after we left Casy of course we went on down to check up on the house and finally our garage door had been put down and we could see it in all its loveliness :) after we had walked around the whole house getting some new pic's of the mirrors that had gone in through the windows, Tristan thought he would check the internal garage door and like magic it just opened, and there i was jumping around with excitement :) So we got some pics of the whole house finally from the inside, and had a closer look at the GREEN splash back sitting in my kitchen were the WHITE splash back should be, cut a long story short there was a mix up with the name of the splash back and we didn't pick it up at the signing and now we are stuck with it until after have hand over and fork out lots of money to get it ripped off and replaced :( anyway back to the exciting bit, here are some pics, we are so happy with everything (with the exception of the above) 

Here you go................... Warning lots of pics :)