Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everything else but our slab!!

Day 21 on site!

Tristan dropped by the block yesterday afternoon to find, foam for the slab, crushed rock been spread at the front of the driveway, termite protection done, wood for the slab to be boxed out and also to our surprise we have all our windows and timber doors, 2x timber bi-parts and 5x timber windows!! Seriously we don't even have a slab yet and from talking to our SS i don't think we will have frame start till the week after next, my beautiful new timber is going to get all rained on!!
Hopefully we will have a slab today, by the looks of the site they are ready to go ahead with it!!

Here are some pics...

Windows and back door jamb

Front timeber windows

More windows and front door jamb

2x Timber bi-part doors

Foam for the slab

Everything just sitting on our block waiting

And again


Tonia said...

Beautiful pics Tash! Our windows were left out in the rain..and only one window just make sure they cover them at least - ours werent covered!

Yay for slab pour! :)

Rachel and Sandy said...

Hope your windows and frames get protective wrap. Are you going to write your names in the slab?

LouNeen said...

That is just teasing!!!! I hope you get your slab soon....surely no more waiting!!!

Janine K said...

Unbelievable! Can't they get their act together, I hope they are still there when the frame starts and don't get damaged in the meantime, that's pretty poor.

Tash said...

Tonia, Tristan is going to get a tarp or something to cover them up, the problem is there is so many, i think we will just try and cover the timber as best we can.

Rachel and Sandy, yes if we get a chance when its still wet :)

Louneen i think they are trying to test my pathients lol

Janine its really is unbeleiveable especially with what happened yesterday now.... arrr i hope the whole biuld doesnt prove this chellanging