Thursday, March 10, 2011


I finally got the call we have been waiting for at 11am this morning!!!
Are you ready for it................... 24th of March is our Settlement date, this date is also shared by Tristan and my 3yr Anniversary as well, what a great present!!! I cant stop smiling!!

This beautiful block will finally be Ours!!

Sorry guys just a bit Excited here!!!


Tonia said...

That's great news! Congrats guys :) So what happens next??

Tash said...

Thanks Tonia, Well everything on our building side of things is nearly all done to, just waiting for the final plans to sign off from the Engineering, and then hopfully to site we go, my Csc is saying start of April we should be on site!!!

Janine Kimberley said...

Woo Hoo Tash, thats fantastic news, amazing that its the same date as your anniversary!! I think we will probably be on site at much the same time, so we can check out each other's builds.
Patience is a virtue, at least that's what I tell myself.

Tash said...

Thanks Janine, So exciting! We will be able to take turns going out to the estate and reporting back on what is happening on our beautiful blocks ;)
Patience and positive thinking Janine!!

Debra said...

Congratulations'll have fun being building buddies with Janine.

Reinsey said...

*yay* *yippee* *wooooop*
too exciting. What a great anniversary pressie!!