Saturday, July 16, 2011

Offically locked out.... well kinda!!


Rob our carpenter was on site last Thursday starting our fix, Tristan had a chat to him and he said he would be finished the fix by Monday :) Then he would be finishing off the lock up, eve's and ect, he has put our front door on already, which we will be changing after handover, but this means we are officially locked out (unless someone keeps leaving windows open for us lol)!! 
Our SS called Friday afternoon to give us an update on the house and let us no that Rob was there doing the fix and lock up which both should be complete by the end of this week ( I didn't let him no we already new) and also our cabinets should be in this week too then our painting will start, Arr i can hardly keep up everything is moving so quick :) He also wanted to follow up the independent inspection with me and let me know what was going to happen with the other items that didn't need to be fixed before plaster and insures me that they will start getting fixed this week :) All in all we are very happy with our build so far, can not wait to see our cabinets go in this week!!
Tristan and I spent the day in the city yesterday doing a Little research on furniture shopping, we went to Church st and had a look at Suite Deals (second hand display furniture) and other places along there, And because we really close and dropped by "The Block" to check it out (we love this show) and to our surprise the contestants were all still there working on there house's, we were shore that they would be finished but no they were all still there and having a chat to everyone, the out side of the house's are getting done atm, was very cool (go Josh and Jenner)!! We then drove out to the house, there was a window left open ;) and we were able to get it and see all the progress the carpenter is doing work and we are so happy, hopefully this week will bring lots more progress!!
And Handover for Reinsey and Loz, will be crossing my fingers everything goes well  :).

We didn't take any pic's yesterday was a bit dark but Tristan will get some this week!!


Janine K said...

Its getting so exciting now, it will be wonderful to see your cabinets in and how the colours look because at the moment it is all pretty bland inside!!

Sounds like things are moving along nicely, and its good that your SS has been keeping you informed on whats happening next.

We drove up the road past your place today, looks like those blocks are ready to title now.

Great news!

Reinsey said...

Cabinets are THE single most exciting part of the build I reckon. It goes from being a box to somewhere you can really picture yourself living.
Can't wait to have a squizz through the windows when it's all in.

LOVING this series of The Block too. Polly & Waz are my fav's. He's such a crack up. Must have been cool to see it for real.

Debra said...

Zooming along nicely Tash. It seems I've blinked and your at Lockup. All the exciting bits about to evolve. No more dreaming 'what will it look like'. Fantastic.

Tonia said...

Lock up already?? Mad!! That's awesome, Tash!

How did your furniture shopping go? Did you find some more wallpaper? Hope I was enough help lol..let me know if you need any more help!

P.s You will always find a way in to your house somewhow lol xo

Lou and Neen said...

It is getting to an exciting stage. When it all starts coming together!!

Tash said...

Ooo is the road open Janine, thats a bit exciting, we will have to go have a look see!!

Ahhh Reinsey you are just making me more and more excited to see the cabinets, thoes and when our beautiful tiles get layed :)

I know Deb it has gone so quickly and fairly smoothly (touch wood) after some of the horror stories we have heard, i was a little worried, but our SS is doing a good job!!

Thanks Tonia, and thank you for your help with the wall paper you knew exactly what i was looking for!! Furniture shopping was good, we just really have to measure everything so we know exactly what fits!!

Thanks Lou and Neen, you guys must be at the same stage, maybe cabinets for you to this week!