Sunday, July 10, 2011

Plaster Pic's

Tristan went to the house and got some pic's for me on Friday,  the plaster is all up now, so they probably have a few more days at the house, then cabinets???? And Painting??? Or Tiles??? Arrr all a bit exciting!! Hope all our blog buddies have a good week with lots of progress!!

Dinning / Living

Hallway entry from kitchen/living



Shower in Bathroom

Bed 2 wardrobe


Dinning/ Living

Bed 2


Bed 3




Janine K said...

Yay guys, just think if what they say is true you will be in in 10 weeks!!!!

Reinsey said...

Looking good Tash. That back area is so lovely and open.
Just wait til the kitchen goes really feels like a home then!

Debra said...

Progressing so well Tash and won't be able to contain your excitement once fittings start taking shape. Fun days ahead!

Chris and Sue's Metricon Blog said...

Congratulations, you guys are doing really well time-wise, and ahead of our build even though we started at about the same time.