Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Plaster started!!

Just a quick update, We had the plaster started today, went down tonight quickly as its Tristan birthday tomorrow and we wont get a chance, was too dark to take pictures, but light enough to see, its amazing how much of a difference it makes to the rooms, so exciting!! Will get pic's next time we go down :)


Tonia said...

Great news Tash!

Debra said...

Your very own first house with walls!!!!!! exciting.

Janine K said...

Great news Tash, so he could delay the plaster by one day then hmmmm!!! Did they fix the other 3 items yet?

Happy birthday for tomorrow Tristan!!!

B is building a house said...

How exciting!!!! :)

We were at that stage not long ago. After This stage everything goes so much quicker


Reinsey said...

Happy Birthday Tristan, and happy plaster day Tash.
Is your head spinning yet with all this progress??

Tash said...

Thanks everyone, so exciting..
Deb i know its my very first walls ;)
Janine, they havent fixed the other problems yet, but they havent plastered over them yet either so will just have to wait and see :)
Thanks B its so exciting..
Reinsey my head is spinning all the time, im loving all this progress and im so excited for the cabinetry to go in, we have a date the 19.07.11 so a couple of weeks :)