Sunday, July 3, 2011

Inspection Report / House update

Sorry for the delayed post guys, i have been away all weekend!!

Last Wednesday we had an Independent Inspection done by Kevin at New Home Inspection for pre plaster, and very promptly we received our report Thursday morning which i then sent through to Dean (SS) and Nicole (CSC) to make sure that it was received, Tristan then rang dean about 10am to talk to him about it, Dean said he hadn't had a chance to look at it yet, So Tristan told him that plaster was not to start Monday Unless all items that needed to be done pre-plaster where fixed, Dean then went on to tell Tristan that the Inspection was done to late and the problems wouldn't be able to be fixed before Monday (even though he hadn't look at the report yet, i think he was just trying to threaten us) Tristan told Dean if they weren't complete plaster WOULD be stopped and we would be going out Sunday to check and if we weren't satisfied,  Nicole would be getting a call on Monday to stop anything going ahead!!
Anyway the Inspection report was only 10 items and none of these items were really that bad just little frame problems here and there, so we were actually quiet happy.  Tristan went the house Friday afternoon and nothing had be done to fix them at all, Hmmm.. but our SS was on his game, because when we arrived there yesterday afternoon (Sunday) we were very happy to see that 7/10 from the inspection were already fixed, there are 3 other issue that we already new about that need to be done still (thanks Jay for letting us now about the solar pipe wasn't correct and that is now one of my 3 issues that is going to be fixed :)...) Tristan rang Dean this morning and there were no plasters on site because Dean wanted the issues that had been rectified to be checked, so Tristan gave him the go ahead to do everything but the 3 walls that had the problem still, as we had checked everything yesterday, and as soon as we site the other 3 issue have been fixed they can complete, we are more then happy to work with him, hopefully he realises this now :) 

As for the House Update, we are very happy with the speed which we are moving :) 2 months in and we are about to be plastered, last week we had the completion of the bricks, insulation, electrical fit out, plumbing pipes in, plaster delivery and we have also had the concrete slab in the house leveled out so that the tiles go down perfect, We also had a visit from Janine down the road yesterday when we were at the house, its so lovely to have friends for neighbours!!!
And finally here are some pictures :)  They are not the best pic's of the bricks as the sun was setting ill try get some more soon!!


Tonia said...

Great news Tash! Good on you guys for persisting about the minor problems. They always try and get out of EVERYTHING so keep persisting. It all has to be perfect :)

Looking good guys!!

Rachel and Sandy said...

Well done for sticking to your guns and insisting on quality workmanship. Are your bricks 2 tone or is it a trick of the light?

Lou and Neen said...

Glad to see they are rectifying the issues and they were not too major!

Love the feature bricks at the front it is looking great. Here's hoping for more progress this week.

Debra said...

Well done with the Inspection Report and insisting on rectificaton work....'too late to fix any defects before plaster', like he knows the defects are there stupid. Top marks to you.

Love the feature front wall with the timber corner windows....classy.

Janine K said...

It was great to see you again and to meet Tristan! I'm sure that you will get everything fixed, don't let them bully you because as you said you are not in a hurry, and you want to get the best possible job done.

Reinsey said...

Hey Tash,
Like everyone else has said, good on you for insisting your house meets standard before proceeding.
Bricks are looking lovely and will set off all of those sexy timber windows.

Tash said...

Thanks Tonia, we are so happy we got the inspection and insisted on getting everything fixed, its much easier to fix the problems now, rather then later when it has caused a huge problem and slows up progress!!

Thanks Rachel and Sandy, Im not sure weather you asking about the dark or light brick, but the light bricks are not two tone there are just some really dirty ones and the black brick does have a little shean to them but not really two tone either, i think maybe its just the lighting and some of the morter has not dried yet!!

Thanks Lou and Neen, we love the feature wall cant wait for the windows to be stained so they pop a bit!!

Thanks Deb, I know possibly the most stupid thing i have ever heard its like he new they were already there bofore we even had the inspection why not just fix them already!! But oh well all is well, he has truely been very good other then this so we will give him the props for that!!

Thanks Janine it was so good seeing you again and having you and Tristan meet!! I might be small but i wont let him walk over me.

Thanks Reinsey, CANT wait for the windows to be stained, and for the timber look garage to go in too!! We plain to get the front rendered off while after hand over :)