Thursday, November 25, 2010


We received our developers approval on Tuesday!!! And Our full approval on our Finance today!!! Once we fix our floor issues, We will be completely ready for our land to title and Settlement!!!! :)


Janine Kimberley said...

Ooh how exciting guys!!! What are your floor issues? How about putting up a floor plan of your house for us to see. We haven't even applied for developers approval yet as we are awaiting for our final plans. Hopefully settlement will still go ahead in December we haven't heard otherwise have you?

Sandrine said...

Well done guys. I remember just how stressful it was in getting all the approvals. Hoping your land settles before Chrissie for you.

Reinsey said...

It's all lining up for you beautifully Tash. You're ahead of us. We haven't got developers approval as yet (I don't think anyway), and our finance is a complete mess!

Have you made any progress with the tiles issue?

Tash said...

Janine its just our tiles issues we still havent decided what we are going to do yet!!

Thanks Sandrine we hope so to!

Reinsey im sure it will all come together for you, We have been quiet lucky so far, minus the tile issues, hmm we really havent decided what we are going to do about the flooring yet, but we need to hurry up and decide i guess its such a hard decision :/

Tonia Christou said...

hey building with metricon also..would love for you all to have a look at my blog too!

Good luck with everything Tash! I look forward to seeing pics soon! xo