Thursday, June 23, 2011

Roll on... Roll on...

We are on a roll this week at the house, there has been lots of movement. We have had our roof tiles complete, rails from the roof taken down, been wrapped in blueness, more sand delivered, bricks delivered, plumbing rough-in, heater ducts in , solar panel on, bricks started, our lock-up carpenter prep walls and ceilings for the plaster to start and put our internal garage door in and our cavity slider for the ensuite... ummm i think that's it, Wow that's alot isn't it..... We are very happy atm.
Tristan went there yesterday afternoon to capture some pictures for me, and when he arrived the lock-up Carpenter was there and he told Tristan that our house had good framers (which Tristan already thought) and when Tristan came home he was very happy with the lock-up he said he also had great work...

This weekend Tristan will go in and put chip board up in the frame so hanging our tv's and what not will be much easier, our SS is happy for him to do it :)
I think next week will see the completion of our bricks (cant wait to see the front feature wall done in our dark brick) and maybe plaster start :)

Left side wall

Right side wall

Back Right

Back wall

Left wall almost complete

Heater ducts in

Cavity slider in

Internal garage door

Laundry plumbing

Bathroom plumbing

Ensuite plumbing


Tonia said...

wow that was quick! go metricon!! lol

Rachel and Sandy said...

Very speedy and very smart too

Reinsey said...

Awesome Tash. The photos don't do it justice...looks even better in person. Well done you little champ!!

Tash said...

So quick guys, it feels unreal!!
Thanks so much Reinsey :)

Debra said...

Your house is flying much happening.

That feature outside wall sounds interesting. With lockup almost complete the fun starts when all those months of waiting to see selections come to life.

Lou and Neen said...

Great progress and it does look better in person!! :-)

Janine K said...

Wow Tash, so much has happened in a week!!!!!

I have brick envy at the moment, apparently we are having steel lintels delivered on Monday, ready for the bricklayers - only found this out after I called them myself today to ask why there had been no action on our site today.

Makes me wonder why I HAD to make a decision overnight on a new brick. Uggggg anyway thats my rant for the day!!!

So excited for you guys, didn't realise you had a water feature out the side of your house!!!!

Lock up here you come.

Tash said...

Thanks Deb, the front brick on the feature wall is a lovely colour (same as Tonias brick) :) Cant wait for the inside to start to come together, lock up should be complete this week!!

Thanks Lou and Neen :) your house is moving along so great, sorry i havent commented latley my blog will not let comment on your blog :(

Thanks Janine, hopefully since your bricking started yesterday there will be no need for brick envy anymore :) Hahaha the water next to the house is a wonderful feature isnt it lol, lucky our SS put soil crushed rock all around the house so it doesnt go anywhere near the slab!!