Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Frame = Complete and Gutter/Fascia = Complete

This week has seen our Frame work complete on Monday 6th, it took 8 days to complete including 1 Saturday, very happy with that, and Tristan is happy with the frame, there are a couple of things that need to be fixed (little things) and one part of the slab which is slightly out where the concrete over hangs were it shouldn't be in the garage, that has to be fixed but all in all just happy!!
Also when we arrived last night our gutter and fascia had been completed, this is the first colour choice of ours that we have really seen other then our doors/windows, so its a bit exciting!!
Spoke to our SS this morning and organised a meeting there with him next Thursday, i also let him know that we noticed last night our front door window has a crack right through the middle, but he said he already new and it was going to be fixed!! More exciting news, he let me know that our Roof tilling is going to start tomorrow :)

Here are some pics of our windows in the frame ect, we weren't able to get any pics of the gutter/fascia was to dark.....

Front timber bedroom Windows

Garage external Door (only door in the house that is a normal size door, we forgot all about this one opps)

Entrance to hallway

Bedroom windows from the inside

Front feature and timber windows from inside bedroom

Front door 2340x920

Kitchen timber bi-parts

Lounge timber bi-parts

Laundry Slider


Tonia said...

wow only 8 days? thats awesome!! good stuff metricon :) Framey is looking beautiful Tash! Bring on the walls!

Rachel and Sandy said...

Speedy work, it looks great

Debra said...

Excellent - roof by weekend??

LouNeen said...

Looking good!!! Here's hoping to speedy tiles too!!!!!

Reinsey said...

Looking pretty slick Tash. Was great to finally meet you last night too!!

Tash said...

Thanks Everyone :)
Fingers crossed our roof tiles start today!! Was great meeting you to Reinsey, i had a lovely night!!

Janine K said...

Sorry to be a bit slack posting!!! It was a great night out, and thanks so much for letting us know our bricks had been delivered, and to meet your mum. As you probably saw,your tiles are there ready to go, roll on Tuesday for both of us. Isn't it exciting!!!