Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We can almost see the finish line!

Tristan and I were able to go down to the house yesterday afternoon and WOW we could not believe how much was done in 3 days, Ok so we now have the Garage door on ( couldn't get a pick because the door was up and we couldn't work out how to put it down), plumbing including toilets, taps, sinks complete, heater ducts in, and another brick clean, makes me wonder why we are going to be waiting till the start of October for handover. Not much left now, Driveway, carpet, mirrors, shower screens, electrical appliances, and the obvious house cleans :) I'm a very happy girl today. Dean also rang me this morning just to go through a few things that we want fixed and give me some dates......

House Clean - 05.09.11
Carpet - 07.09.11
Driveway - 22.09.11
All electrical appliances to go in on the day of handover
I think maybe its time to start getting things like our home and contents insurance organised.

And yes i was able to get some pic's, loving that we are having alot more sunlight in the afternoons now cant wait to get in side, we are going to have a walk through with Dean next week or the week after :)

Mirrored doors

Heater ducts

And Again

We have Light :)

Kitchen tap

Bath, taps, and shower head


Garage Door

Ensuit Vanity with sinks and Taps (and some bricks too ;) )


PuzSol said...

Yay for progress! Seems like the driveway is the holdup for handover -but at least it will be cured by the time you move in (less mud and dust that way).

The red thing hanging down from the door is the emergency release. You could pull it to disengage the door from the chain, then manually roll it down or up.... Warning though, I have no idea how heavy it is, or if you will be capable of lifting it again, or re-attaching the emergency. Also I thought that most units had a button (on the side of the motor?) that can be used in the absence of the remotes - though it is probably hidden in some service panel... The other option is to wait a bit - hard to be patient I know, but it just might be the best option here. 8-)

B is building a house said...

Looks amazing. You must be very pleased!



Debra said...

Looking great Tash; best start packing. Reckon your our next 'Blog Resident'. Spring will be a lovely time in your first home.

Lou and Neen said...

Fantastic progress. It is really looking quite the grand home I am sure you have always wanted. Hoping our place has made the same progress as we haven't been down for a couple of weeks due to work commitments. Look forward to seeing it in person!

Janine K said...

Great Tash & Tristan, its just around the corner now!!! We shall probably wait now until you are in to have the next dinner out.

I don't know why my Independent Inspection report post is not showing up on anyones blog list, tht's computers for you.

Keep us posted on progress!

Tash said...

Thanks PulSol, yes at least we will be able to drive on the driveway when we move in :) We did try and use the red chain but couldnt quite seem to work it out and no button either, might be safest to wait till the SS is on site with us..

Thanks B

Thanks Deb, i reckon Lou and Neen might be right there with us too..

Thanks Lous and Neen, I bet heaps has been done, we did notice that your front deck has been layed :) i think you will also have a simalar handover date :)

Thanks Janine, i can see your post up now, silly computers arent they!!