Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coming to an end!!

Sorry for the lack of posting guys, the time really seems to be getting away from me atm... Lots has been going on, carpets is in, cage, toilet and fencing removed, site scrap, shower screens are in, first house clean, SS has been through and put blue stickers everywhere that he wants fixed before the QA go through for metricon and we have our Cert of occupancy :)

We also now have some exciting dates i can share with everyone..
19.09.11  Painter to go through and fix everything we a blue spot
21.09.11  Metricon QA to go through the house
22.09.11  Driveway to be poured
23.09.11  Hopefully we will receive our last invoice and we will send paperwork off to the bank
27.09.11  PCI walk through with SS and Kevin from home inspections
07.10.11  Handover ( Crossing my Fingers, we have furniture meant to be delivered the week after )

Only 3 weeks, can you believe it??? The build has gone so fast and really with not big problems (yet)
The SS rang this morning asking if we would like a load of top soil as they had extra, Yes thank you :)
We also have got our fencing process underway, just wait for a response from my handful a neighbours now, hoping to get it up before we have hand over so the dogs can move in with us but will just have to wait and see.


Rachel and Sandy said...

wow that is brilliant, well done and I hope all goes to plan. We are about 7-8 weeks from finishing our build here in Brisbane and so far Metricon have been awesome.

Janine K said...

Ooh so happy for you guys!!!! Saw Lou and Nina last week and they are a tiny bit ahead of you, but not much, so it is still neck and neck.

Your build has gone pretty well since you put the fear of Kevin up them, so I am suren he won't find too much wrong at PCI.

Now is the exciting and frustrating part for you, so near and yet so far, but it will fly by and we will be able to have that dinner once you and Lou and Nina are moved in.

Ours seems to have ground to a bit of a halt this week with nothing happening at all, so a call to the SS is in order tomorrow, funny that, he has never given us a call at all the whole build so far - pretty slack if you ask me.

Debra said...

Tash and Tristan you've had a good build.

Now comes the frustrating wait of final details and 'just finish our house'.

Good luck with Independent Inspection; don't rush yourselves. Make sure everything is to standards, tolerances and specification before Handover.

Not long now and she's all yours.

Lou and Neen said...

Yay!!!!! How exciting. Hope all goes well with then final steps which seem to take forever when you just want to get in!!! Can't wait to meet and see the house from the inside! :-) We are on a similar timeline.

Reinsey said...

Hope time literally flies for you xxxx