Thursday, September 1, 2011

WE GOT IN, WE GOT IN!!!!!!!!!

Tristan and I went down to the Casey council this afternoon so we could get the Names and address of our neighbours to get our fencing process under way we have already got a quote, now we just need to get them to the neighbours to agree :) We have got a quote through Big Red Fencing but i have also heard that there is another company that is doing fencing in the avenue at a great price, i cant remember there name but I'm pretty sure the company starts with P.... do any of my Avenue ladies know who this is???? I would like to get another quote before sending it off to my neighbours all 5 of them... at least they all have a small portion of the fence!!!
Anyway after we left Casy of course we went on down to check up on the house and finally our garage door had been put down and we could see it in all its loveliness :) after we had walked around the whole house getting some new pic's of the mirrors that had gone in through the windows, Tristan thought he would check the internal garage door and like magic it just opened, and there i was jumping around with excitement :) So we got some pics of the whole house finally from the inside, and had a closer look at the GREEN splash back sitting in my kitchen were the WHITE splash back should be, cut a long story short there was a mix up with the name of the splash back and we didn't pick it up at the signing and now we are stuck with it until after have hand over and fork out lots of money to get it ripped off and replaced :( anyway back to the exciting bit, here are some pics, we are so happy with everything (with the exception of the above) 

Here you go................... Warning lots of pics :)


Lou and Neen said...

Looking fantastic. How exciting that you got in!!! I have getting in envy! I so wish! Loving the tiles. :-)

PuzSol said...

Awesome... though the view out the side window (study?) looks a little lonely... I wonder how long it will take to get some neighbours.

We used Big Red for the fencing (which started a chain reaction down the street I think) No problems so far with the work etc. We had two other quotes, but not from anyone beginning with P.

Shame about the splash back - though you might consider giving it some time to grow on you (ha)... looks to me like the wrong glass (not wrong paint) - but that could be the picture. I doubt you could ever get the glass off in one piece - if you can though you might like to try painting the back a different colour (dark colours go with the green glass much better). Sigh, don't you love it how there is all contract no help? Here's how we wish it went:

Colour consultant: "You do realise that the splash-back isn't going to look pure white, which is clearly your colour scheme don't you?"
T&N: "Oh thank you for mentioning it, that's saved us a lot of expense and heartache!"
Colour consultant: "You're welcome. That's why I'm good at my job."

...Back to reality...
On the plus side I had the cabinet makers call the other day to confirm the handle orientation on the doors that they thought was a bit odd. Nice if people took just 5 minutes to confirm things like that you might just end up with the house you really wanted.... sorry I'll stop ranting now.

The house is indeed looking great, and I love the pose of Natasha(?) in one of the pics, looks a bit like she is swanning around totally enjoying being in the house - just wait till handover!


Reinsey said...

Yay for door being unlocked.
Boo for dodgy green tinted splashback.
I'm with puzsol on this one. The colour chicks do this every day & youve done it once. Just a little heads up wouldn't go astray. Would metricon come to the party with a cost split to replace it?
Fencing - we went with big reds. It's cheap, but I've seen better crafted fences around. There's a nice fence on the corner of autumn fields and mountainview, just up from us. No idea who built it or how much though!

Janine K said...

Yay, finally pics and it looks even better than through the windows!!

Shame about the splash back maybe it will grow on you and I'm sure you will have better things to do with your cash in the short term, maybe live with it for a while.before getting it changed, you don't want to forego other things more important in the short term.

Can't wait to get an official walk thru.

Tonia said...

Oh yaaaayyy you got in!!! And omg that garage door is to die for...hang on...its the same as mine lol hahahaha :)

Debra said...

Looking gorgeous Tash and love you dancing around the kitchen.

Your splashback colour has been painted on 'clear glass' (green tinge) instead of 'Starfire', what has Metricon said and more importantly what were you charged for??

I'm with Reinsey - annoying and such a common complaint that these consultants don't get this right.

Don't rush into changing, wait until everything is finished....appliances etc. as colours reflect quite differently.

Reinsey said...

Tash - your temp fencing has gone!!! It's just looking so so gorgeous :)

Tash said...

Woooo Thanks for letting us know Reinsey, we are heading down tonight, carpet was ment to be done today as well :D

Thanks PuzSol, i think we are going to get the fencing through big red fencing we had the notices sent out this week so hopefully we can go ahead with the fencing soon!! So annoyed about the splash back, you would think that the colour speacialist would be helpful arrr but Metricon couldnt care less we didnt pick up on it at contract so its our problem!!

Thanks Deb i was pretty dam happy to get in ;)